Referee Work

Conferences Organized

  • Organizer of LITRA/CMSI lecture series (featuring Anne Whitehead, Shane Graham, Robert Eaglestone, Michael Rothberg, Sam Durrant, Roger Luckhurst, Efraim Sicher, Andreas Huyssen, Rick Crownshaw, Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Geoffrey Hartman, Anna Mae Duane, Lewis Kirshner, Chris van der Merwe, Vladimir Biti, Evelyne Ledoux-Beaugrand, Yasemin Yildiz, Lyndsey Stonebridge, Kristina Langarika, Dawn Skorczewksi, Klaas Smelik, Eugene Arva, Marguérite Corporaal, Brigitte Adriaensen, Esther Peeren, Sue Vice, Ann Rigney, Sarah Casteel, Bryan Cheyette, Magdalena Zolkos, Michelle Kelly, Catherine Gilbert, Lucero de Vivanco, Julia Round, Debora Silverman, Lucy Bond, and Emilie Pine), 2008-present

  • Organizer (with Silvana Mandolessi and Pieter Vermeulen) of 2018 Mnemonics Graduate Summer School “Ecologies of Memory” at University of Leuven, 22-24 August 2018

  • Co-organizer (as member of MLA Memory Studies forum executive committee) of “Refugee Memory” session and “Remembering the World in Early Modern Europe” session at 2018 MLA convention, New York, USA, 4-7 January 2018

  • Organizing committee member, “Comics and Memory” conference, Ghent University, 19-21 April 2017

  • Co-organizer (as chair of MLA Memory Studies forum executive committee) of “Memory Studies and the Anthropocene” roundtable (chair) and “Alternate Histories / Alternate Memories” session at 2017 MLA convention, Philadelphia, USA, 5-8 January 2017

  • Organizer (with Holly Brown) of PhD symposium “Questions of Scale in Contemporary Literature and Criticism,” Ghent University, 23-25 March 2016

  • Co-organizer (as secretary of MLA Memory Studies forum executive committee) of “Are Memories (Ever Not) Preformed?” roundtable and “Memory and Migration” session at 2016 MLA convention, Austin, USA, 7-10 January 2016

  • Organizer (with Sean Bex and Eva Brems) of specialist course “Human Rights and the Mobilization of Testimony,” Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities, and Law, Ghent University, 15-17 June 2015

  • Organizer (with Christine Kanz, Benjamin Biebuyck, and Pierre Schoentjes) of specialist course “Ecocriticism in the Anthropocene,” Doctoral School of Arts, Humanities, and Law, Ghent University, 29 April – 1 May 2015

  • Coordinator of seminar series on “New Trends in Cultural Memory Studies” for Flemish Inter-University Advanced MA Programme in Literary Studies, taught by Ann Rigney at Ghent University, 21-24 April 2015

  • Organizer (with Lucy Bond, Rick Crownshaw, and Jessica Rapson) of “The Natural History of Memory” symposium at Ghent University, 30 June – 1 July 2014

  • Organizer of 2013 Mnemonics Graduate Summer School “Memory Unbound” at Ghent University, 9-11 September 2013

  • Organizer of Postmemory Seminar with Marianne Hirsch at Ghent University, 13 December 2012

  • Organizer of Internationalisation@Home lecture series “Memory Unbound” at Ghent University, October – December 2012 (featuring Max Silverman, Andrew Hoskins, Jeffrey Olick, and Marianne Hirsch)

  • Convenor (with Antony Rowland) of seminar “The Other Witness? Imagining the Perpetrator” at 2012 ESSE conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 4-8 September 2012

  • Organizer of Multidirectional Memory Workshop with Michael Rothberg and Yasemin Yildiz at Ghent University, 28 March 2012

  • Organizer of Cultural Memory Seminar with Andreas Huyssen at Ghent University, 23 February 2011

  • Organizer (with Michael Rothberg) of seminar (i.e., three two-hour sessions) “Creolizing Memory: Transnational Remembrance of Trauma and Violence” at ACLA 2010 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, USA, 1-4 April 2010

  • Organizer (with Gert Buelens) of “Literature and the Memory of Catastrophe: A Symposium” at Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels, 29-30 May 2009

  • Organizer (with Gert Buelens) and respondent of special session “Trauma, Narrative, and the Postcolonial” at 2006 MLA convention, Philadelphia, USA, 27-30 December 2006

  • Organizer (with Gert Buelens, Sigi Jöttkandt, Benjamin Biebuyck, and Ortwin de Graef) of “Rhetoric, Politics, Ethics” conference, Ghent University, 21-23 April 2005

  • Organizing committee member, Graduate Research Colloquium (“Doctorandicolloquium”), Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Ghent University, 8 December 2004

Network Building

  • Director of the Cultural Memory Studies Initiative (CMSI), formerly the Centre for Literature and Trauma (LITRA), 2010-present. CMSI is an active and dynamic research group that brings together some twenty-five scholars from across the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at Ghent University whose research revolves around memory and trauma as mediated through culture. As director, I coordinate the initiative’s various activities (including a lecture series featuring prominent external speakers and an internal seminar series as well as a wide range of occasional events such as workshops, panels, conferences, and museum visits), oversee its outreach and communication efforts, host visiting scholars, and manage interns.

  • Founding member of Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies, a collaborative initiative for graduate education in memory studies between the Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies, the Flemish Memory Studies Network, the London Cultural Memory Consortium, the Swedish Memory Studies Network, and programmes at Goethe University Frankfurt, UCLA, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Utrecht University, and Columbia University, 2011-present

  • Member of the advisory board of the Memory Studies Association, 2016-present

  • Member of the executive committee of the MLA Memory Studies forum (2015-2018; chair 2016-2017); elected to the MLA Delegate Assembly (2016-2019)

  • Management committee and working group member for COST Action “In Search of Transcultural Memory in Europe” (IS1203), 2012-2016

  • Member of “The Natural History of Memory” network, which has organized seminars on intersections of memory studies and environmental humanities in London, Ghent, and Maastricht, 2014-present

  • Initiator of and participant in the international collaborative research cluster “Whither Trauma Theory? Debating the Future of Literary Research on the Memory of Catastrophe” hosted and funded by the Flemish Academic Centre for Science and the Arts (VLAC), a Brussels-based institute of advanced study, in the spring of 2009. Other fellows: Gert Buelens, Ortwin de Graef, Sam Durrant, Robert Eaglestone, Roger Luckhurst, and Michael Rothberg

Public Outreach

  • Member of the supervisory board of Iedereen Leest, the Flemish organization for reading promotion, 2017-present

  • Public lecture (in Dutch) on Samuel Beckett’s Endgame for the continuing education (“permanente vorming”) programme “Great Plays” at Ghent University, 10 May 2016

  • Video interview about collective memory for the documentary theatre production Mining Stories by Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere, 20 April 2016

  • Public interview with Dave Eggers and Mimi Lok at Vooruit, Ghent, 18 March 2015 (conducted jointly with Sean Bex)

  • Public lecture (in Dutch) on Ian McEwan’s novel Solar for the continuing education (“permanente vorming”) programme “Contemporary Literature: Literature and Ecology” at Ghent University, 2 December 2014, audio recording available here

  • Initiator and co-organizer of De Groote Oorlog Voorgelezen, a staff and student reading marathon at Ghent University to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War, 13 November 2014

  • Public interview with director Peter Krüger, author Ben Okri, and composer Walter Hus after the premiere of N: The Madness of Reason at Film Fest Gent, Vooruit, Ghent, 16 October 2014

  • Contributor to, a science communication website that aims to answer questions by the general public, 2014-present

  • Organizer (with Klaas Smelik) of public interview with Aharon Appelfeld at Ghent University, 20 May 2014

  • Introduction to launch of poetry collection Her Book by Éireann Lorsung at Poëziecentrum, Ghent, 10 October 2013

  • Member of working group “Contemporary Literature,” which organizes the continuing education (“permanente vorming”) programme “Contemporary Literature” at Ghent University (“Literature and Terror” 2013-2014; “Literature and Ecology” 2014-2015; “Literature and Migration” 2015-2016; “Literature and Sexuality” 2016-2017; “Literary Alumni” 2017-2018)

  • Organizer of public reading by and interview with Chika Unigwe at Ghent University, 26 March 2013

  • Member of jury for Text Message Poetry Contest organized by Ghent University, 2011, 2017

  • Video interview about visiting scholar experience at Columbia University for Fulbright, 2010